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We worked on Footwork and DB Skills Today

Today In camp we worked on some footwork and DB Skills 

We began our day reviewing 2 stances 

  • The 4 Point Stance

  • The 3 Point Stance

We then worked on first-step footwork (board drills) and some DB skills with the kids practicing breaking on a football thrown by the machine.

Of course, conditioning is a part of each practice and we ran our Gauntlet drill to kick things off. 

The kids are very positive and seem very happy to be out there with friends and getting some football work in. 

We did remind the kids at the end of practice the importance of distancing during our sessions. 


We did fairly well with this and it can be challenging for the boys.  I am confident this will continue to improve each week.


Thanks, everyone for your support and see everyone next week!

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